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De-risk Technical Investment with Tech Due Diligence

We believe in delivering 10x value for each customer by keeping true to our value of customer-centricity

When is the good time to partner for Tech DD?

Pre Investment

  • Identify Potential Risk
  • Evaluate value of Technology Assets
  • Identify Potential Risk

Post Investment

  • Mitigate Risk
  • Optimize the Technology Utilization
  • Maximize the return on investment

CTO Office Benefits and Factors Affecting Valuation

A Deeper Dive into the Factors that Define Your Startup’s Worth, and how we can impact them positively.

Architecture & Infra

Code/Data Quality

Scalability & Security

Architecture & Infra

Code/Data Quality

Scalability & Security

Our Purpose

to help verify and validate technical RCOI and enable our VC and PE partners to make an informed investment decision.


Observations resulting in liabilities


Financial implications linked to risks


Measures leading to enhanced future prospects


Financial gains associated with seizing opportunities

What We Are Offering For Tech DD?

Our Technical Due Diligence offers a comprehensive review of the tech stack, scalability, cloud compatibility, and technical risks, enabling informed decisions for short and long-term gains.


Pre & Post Investment


Pre & Post Investment

Remediation Workshop

Post Investment

CTO Office


Ready to grow your next investment?

Illuminate the path to your investment success, empowering you to make confident valuation decisions




Kick-off call


Artifact screening


Live Discussion





What Sets us Apart

CTO Office empowers you with access to seasoned tech experts who raise the bar for
technical excellence, impacting your valuations.

Proven Expertise Across Domains

With clientele across various verticals and
geographies, we have customized our CTO
Office solution to address their unique
industry demands, fostering innovation and excellence.

Organization of Varying Scale

We collaborate with organizations of diverse scales, ensuring our CTO Office adapts to their specific requirements, regardless of their size or complexity.

Technical Expertise

We bring extensive technical proficiency to the table, focusing on modernizing tech stacks, enabling scalability, and fostering innovation – all tailored to the unique needs of our CTO Office clients.

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